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April 2018


Dear RTA Membership,


With spring here, we are all looking forward to another great year at the RTA.  We're excited about having another fun-filled and competitive season ahead. The RTA works to provide the absolute best value and experience possible for Rowayton residents and families and our love of tennis.  


The RTA 2018 Board has decided to have a modest increase in our membership dues this season and we wanted to explain and rationalize the reasons why.  In order to keep the courts in the best playing condition possible, and to plan for some upcoming projects we'll be working on, the slight increase will secure the ability to provide the funds to do so.  We'll be planning to replace the fencing at the courts, repair and upgrade some of the irrigation system, purchase a new roller and cart for the courts and continue to provide the best materials and labor to open the courts this season.  There's also a planned capital project for court #5 which will add to our overall offering.  We will continue to include guest fees in the price of membership as well, and continue to offer the monthly social events to our members without a charge.  Maintenance of the courts is one of our highest priorities, and we want to ensure the highest level of satisfaction by our members when playing on our courts.  The slight increase in the dues will provide the funding to ensure the RTA has the ability to do this and keep us financially secure.


As President of the RTA Board, I wanted to personally explain this to the membership and would welcome to answer any questions you might have.  Our goal is to provide you with the best value possible and we feel the RTA is just that.  We're very much looking forward to a great tennis season ahead, and have a full calendar being planned for this year. 


We're always looking for volunteers to assist in the running of our organization. We have the RTA Spring Court Set Up Day planned for April 15th from 12 to 3 p.m.  Please join us and reach out if you're interested in volunteering.  On behalf of the RTA 2018 Board of Directors and myself, we all can’t wait to see you down at our beachside courts!




Tim Widmer

President, RTA Board



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*RTA membership is open to current property owners and residents of the Sixth Taxing District, Rowayton, CT 06853.

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